Volumetric Image Segmentation for Visualization and Analysis

VISVA is the expected output from my interactive segmentation study. Given a 3D image, it is possible to visualize the volume slices in the three axes. With the insertion of labeled markers and the execution of the algorithm, one or multiple objects are segmented and rendered in the lower right corner. It is also possible to smooth the label image without the generation of disconnected components from the user's markers.

2014, University of Campinas
Technologies: C, C++, wxWidgets

Ponto de Largada

Ponto de Largada (Starting Point, in english), was developed with a team of four people (a software engineer (me), a designer, a personal trainer and a tester). Its objective is to recommend personalised running exercises based on the runner's physical condition (i.e. height, weight, age, family history, etc.).

I was responsible for all server-side programming and auxiliary tools to keep the platform running. The experience acquired with this project was enormous.

Ponto de Largada is online since July 2012 and thousands users are already registered.

2012, BoxMob
Technologies: PHP, CodeIgniter, SQL, Javascript, Python