These are my pet projects that I wrote for fun. I'm fascinated with automation, so plenty of these projects are to automate something. Please note that some projects were made while I was studying a new programming language by myself, so they might not follow the best coding practices. If you find something that hurt your eyes, please let me know!

PyIFT - Python implementation of the Image Foresting Transform Algorithm. IFT can be used to implement efficient image operator based in optimum connectivity. More specifically, I wrote the Euclidean Distance Transfom method and explained in Medium.

Technologies: Python

Dynamic Wallpaper - Using Stüvel's Flickr API, this code downloads a specified number of random photographs from your Flickr account. This folder can be easily configured to be the source of wallpaper pictures in Mac OS. A full description is available here.

Technologies: Python, Flickr API

SQL Killer - SQL Killer is a game developed in a 48-hour game jam. The game's objective is to protect the leader (player with a golden crown). We were challenged to build a platform-independent multiplayer game during the event. There is only one active game session, in which everyone is playing collaboratively. The leader gets slower each time he is hit and the amount of enemies increases as the player progress through the levels. The game is available here.

Technologies: NodeJS,, HTML/CSS

Network checker - This is meant to be used when you are offline. This script checks if your internet is back and emitts a sound when it is. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

Technologies: Shell Scripting

Whatsapp Stats - Given a whatsapp conversation file, it computes several statistics, such as number of messages, time of day that you are most active, a histogram of the most common words, number of distinct words, etc.

Technologies: Python

Glaucobot - My personal twitter bot that reminds me of stuff and tell me how the weather looks.

Technologies: Python, Twitter API

Alvanista Exporter - A python code that exports your public game list from Alvanista game tracker to a JSON file.

Technologies: Python

Panorama - Project written in my senior year that stitches several pictures into a beaufitul panorama.

Technologies: C# with .NET Framework.